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A secure, cloud-based mortality risk model developed from 1 million life insurance policies over fifteen years. Through the use of machine learning, LifeScore360 can analyze 48 unique data points to generate a single, easy to interpret risk score.

Improved Underwriting Efficiency

Up to 10% improvement in actual-to-expected mortality and a 7-day decrease in average time-to-issue vs reliance on a rules-based underwriting process alone.

Building an Industry-Standard Score

Designed to be a standard scoring metric that keeps pace with regulatory changes and reduces the inconsistency of legacy scoring models for insurers, reinsurers and consumers.

Risk Score Clarity

While driven by large amounts of complex data, the LifeScore360 experience is designed for anyone to easily understand what comprises the risk score and to interpret results.

A simple, consumer-friendly version of LifeScore360 that helps consumers calculate their own, unique risk score. Through personalized scoring and a result that is easy to understand, consumers gain valuable insight before beginning the process of applying for life insurance.

10 Simple Questions

Simple risk scoring for consumers based on answers to 10 non-invasive basic questions. No personally identifiable data is collected.

Easily Customized

Should a consumer have lab results available, MyLifeScore360 is able to accommodate custom data inputs to create a more personalized risk score.

Future Products

Products in development expected to launch in late 2019. Feel free to reach out for more information on a specific product, or to discuss a potential partnership opportunity.

An accelerated mortality risk model that does not require medical labs data.

As a complement to LifeScore Labs life insurance risk models, a new morbidity risk model for disability insurance.